DSA Dark Magic Girl keycaps on LazyDesigners Dimple keyboard. Portrait by Danielle Leong.

Susan Lin is a Mechanical Keyboards Designer. She creates systems, builds capacity, and drives the alignment needed to deliver exceptional products. Currently, she is the CEO at Mintlodica LLC, her creative studio and the creator of CuteKeyboard.Club, her Discord Partner server.

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Susan is an industry leader with 13+ years of experience, previously working in technology. In her past, she was a Design Director and a Product Designer specializing in design systems and front-end development. She kicked off her career with NASA and is an alumna of Carnegie Mellon University where she graduated with her Masters of HCI and BXA.

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Mintlodica LLC

Mintlodica's Personal Collection of Mechanical Keyboards featuring Magic Girl keycaps.

DSA Magic Girl on CuteKeyboard.Club Discipline by CFTKB; CKC Edition modified by Nicole Aptekar. Ochre & Moss Magic Girl Mint Arrow Key Artisans.

DSA Dark Magic Girl on LazyDesigners Dimple by Jacky. Amidst the Clouds Octo Dark Magic Girl Artisan.

Art Prints

If you enjoy her art, you can purchase framed (and standalone) prints.

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