Portrait of Susan Lin, the author of this website, holding a mechanical keyboard.

Susan Lin is a Designer, Artist, & Entrepreneur.

She is the Owner of Mintlodica® a Mechanical Keyboards shop featuring Magic Girl and Witch Girl. She is the founder of CuteKeyboard.Club a Discord Partner server.

First an artist, she started with watercolors and is back to showing new work in art galleries as Sondering.

In the past, she worked in tech as a Design Director & Designer for companies like Trulia, HealthCare.gov, & NASA & an alumna of CMU where she graduated with a MHCI.

Outside of work, she raises a Shiba Inu in Los Angeles.

Contact Susan

I'm open to press & gallery show opportunities!
Get in touch at susan-at-mintlodica.com.

Note: Due to my limited energy, I'm not open to other inquiries. However, if you'd like to send appreciation or encouragement that is very welcome.

Follow my new creative work via @sondersketches on Twitter & @sondering.art on Instagram.

You can find Mintlodica® updates via our Newsletter, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, & Twitch. If you're looking for support on an order, please use our shop contact form.

Stay kind, be well.